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In December 2018, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) approved an application for subsidy under the terms of the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP). The project Transforming Nigeria’s Vegetable Market started its inception phase in July 2019. The collaboration, led by East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation (Nigeria) aims to train 136,000 smallholder farmers in sustainable and profitable vegetable production practices.  The Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry Kaduna, Ahmadu Bello University, Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands) and Solidaridad are key partners in this five year program. So far, we have achieved the following: 45,842 farmers were trained by the East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer team via direct and indirect outreach, 2095 outreached through Ministry of Agriculture government extension agents, 47,335 advised through by 46 agro input dealers trained by East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer. We have over 12 million listeners of our radio program broadcasted in a renowned Hausa radio station which covers over 19 states of the Federation. Recently the Netherlands Embassy in Abuja  approved a new project led by the International Fertilizer Centre (IFDC) with  consortium partners East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (IFDC) , Wageningen University and Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).   The 4-year project, which aims to facilitate the development of a sustainable and inclusive horticulture sector that contributes to food and nutrition security in Nigeria, commenced in November 2021. Through training, 60,000 farmers in Kaduna and Kano will have increased productivity and/or income, resulting in an annual incremental production value of €9.7 million, Sustainable land use will increase by 15,000ha. A further 2,000 entrepreneurial farmers in Oyo and Ogun states will have adopted new knowledge and/or technologies. 50 horticulture-related SMEs will have a business and investment plan to invest, trade or provide services, €6 million in private finance will be mobilized, 1,000 direct jobs will have been created, two major improvements in horticultural policies or regulations will have been realized, 200 business-to-business opportunities would have been identified and 100 business partnerships brokered at the end of the project cycle in 2025.

East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer is registered as a non-profit organization in Nigeria in October 2021 and has a 40 member team and an office in Zaria, Kaduna State. 

Locations of activities 

  • Kaduna
  • Kano

Team capacities

  • 40 employees 

Number of farmers trained since 2015 

  • 62,293

Number of field demonstrations 

  • 955

Track record

  • Click here to see EWS-KT track record in Nigeria

Resources on our activities in Nigeria:

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