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“East West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation launches new Pesticide Selection Tool”

Financial Express (Bangladesh) | 03 August 2023

EWS-KT has seen the challenges faced by smallholder vegetable farmers in using the right pesticide for their crops and applying it correctly. In collaboration with Wageningen University and Research, EWS-KT has developed a mobile application to mitigate these challenges.

Bangladesh PST Tool Launch Event

“Farmers Voice NG Trains Kano Farmers on Drip Irrigation, Green-House Crop Production, Others”

Farmers Voice NG (Nigeria) | 16 July 2023

Organized by online agriculture newspaper Farmers Voice NG, this 1-day sensitization event for farmers in Kano state featured two Technical Field Officers from East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation as educators on pest and disease management.

Farmers Voice NG Trains Kano Farmers on Drip Irrigation, Green-house crop production, Others

“University of Juba Collaborates with East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer to Combat Food Insecurity”

Juba Echo (South Sudan) | 16 June 2023

East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation and the University of Juba College of Natural Resources have taken the lead in technical capacity building for vegetable production.

University Of Juba Collaborates With East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer To Combat Food Insecurity

“Can Pumpkins Be the Start of a Vegetable Revolution in Uganda?”

Devex | 08 June 2023

Vegetable production is a key part of nutrition security, but it is also increasingly recognized as a way to provide a much-needed income boost for smallholder farmers.

Pumpkin in Uganda - A growth Story

“HortiNigeria: Fostering Sustainability Through Women Leaders”

IFDC | 02 June 2023

Since its inception, the HortiNigeria program has leveraged the expertise of consortium partner East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation to engage more women in farming.

HortiNigeria: Fostering Sustainability through Women Leaders

“Nutrition Security Among Refugees: Rhino Camp and Imvepi Refugee Settlement Trained in Vegetable Growing”

UBC Television Uganda | 20 March 2023

UBC News Tonight covers our project to address malnutrition among South Sudanese families in Rhino and Imvepi Refugee Settlements by training refugees in home gardening.

Nutrition among african refugees

“Sustainable Vegetable Farming Skills to Support Refugees for with Reduced Food Rations”

New Vision (Uganda) | 18 March 2023

As the World Food Program shifts from food rations to cash assistance for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, EWS-KT is teaching them how to grow their own vegetables.

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“Refugees Empowered with Sustainable Farming Skills as Food Rations Reduce in West Nile”

Daily Monitor (Uganda) | 14 March 2023

Trained in home gardening techniques by EWS-KT, South Sudanese refugees in the West Nile region of Uganda are reaping nutritional and economic benefits.

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“Pumpkin Pitch: Sharing Knowledge on Quality Seed”

ISSD Africa | 23 January 2023

In their January newsletter, EWS-KT action research partner ISSD Africa makes the case for more outside investment in our knowledge transfer projects.

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“East West Seeds-Knowledge Transfer Expansion into Ghana”

Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality | 12 Dec 2022

In November 2022, the Dutch Embassy in Ghana sat down with EWS-KT and East-West Seed to talk about their work in Nigeria and EWS-KT’s entry into Ghana.

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“Value Addition Preserves Pumpkins, Increases Revenue”

Harvest Money (Uganda) | 7 Dec 2022

From roasted pumpkin seeds to porridge, EWS-KT farmers in Uganda are learning new ways to preserve pumpkin for future use.

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“Seed Company’s Foundation Trains Farmers to Compete in Varied Markets”

Manila Bulletin (Philippines) | 5 Oct 2022

Learn more about EWS-KT’s work in the Philippines, with a focus on building farmers’ capacity, access to markets, and self-sufficiency.

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