Field in Tanzania

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Media Highlights

ISSD Africa | 23 January 2023
“Pumpkin Pitch: Sharing Knowledge on Quality Seed”

In their January newsletter, EWS-KT action research partner ISSD Africa makes the case for more outside investment in our knowledge transfer projects.

farmers at a training meeting in Uganda

Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality | 12 Dec 2022
“East West Seeds-Knowledge Transfer Expansion into Ghana”

In November 2022, the Dutch Embassy in Ghana sat down with EWS-KT and East-West Seed to talk about their work in Nigeria and EWS-KT’s entry into Ghana.

EWS-KT Field Level Training on Transplanting Seedlings

Harvest Money (Uganda) | 7 Dec 2022
“Value Addition Preserves Pumpkins, Increases Revenue”

From roasted pumpkin seeds to porridge, EWS-KT farmers in Uganda are learning new ways to preserve pumpkin for future use.

Farmers in Uganda preparing pumpkin for drying

Manila Bulletin (Philippines) | 5 Oct 2022
“Seed Company’s Foundation Trains Farmers to Compete in Varied Markets”

Learn more about EWS-KT’s work in the Philippines, with a focus on building farmers’ capacity, access to markets, and self-sufficiency.

Farmers in the Philippines pose with their cucumber harvest