Market Development

Enabling Markets for Sustainable Development

We believe that market-driven approaches lead to sustainable solutions that benefit farmers, agricultural value chain actors, communities, and consumers. By enabling market innovation around vegetable farming, we help farmers to increase their income, agricultural-input businesses and vegetable markets to grow, and consumers to improve their health and nutrition.

A Win for Farmers

The depth and breadth of our expertise gives smallholder farmers the edge, unlocking the potential of simple yet effective agronomic techniques, quality agricultural inputs, and year-round production. Gaining the skills to sustainably produce and sell greater quantities of high-quality vegetables enables farmers to get better prices at the market and increase their income.


A Win for Input Markets

Savvier farmers mean greater demand for better agricultural inputs. Demand drives healthy competition, which supplies the market with better products for ever-improving farmers. As a first mover, EWS-KT spearheads this market evolution. To maintain the long-term sustainability of improved yields, we focus on soil health and on-farm biodiversity. This spurs demand for a range of agro-inputs, including mulching, trellis nets, seed trays, better-quality agrochemicals, and higher-quality seeds, and expands the market for value chain businesses.


A Win for Vegetable Markets and Nutrition

We focus on local markets where low-income consumers buy their vegetables. To make a community healthier, families and individuals need access to affordable, safe-to-eat vegetables. Enabling farmers to grow more vegetables with safer and more effective practices means greater availability of nutritious food for community members.

carrots, bitter grout, pickles, chilies