Our Unique Ties with East-West Seed

Our unique relationship with East-West Seed Group is pivotal to our success. Not only does the company act as a first mover on the market, which enables us to catalyze competitive input markets, it also provides us with significant annual income (based on 1.75% of global seed sales) that covers our core operational expenses.

In addition, using the administrative, human resources, finance, and information technology systems and infrastructure of East-West Seed’s country-based companies enables us to deliver the most cost-effective training services. This allows us to keep overhead costs to a minimum (approximately 16%), while 84% of our and our partners’ investments go directly to programmatic costs. East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation (EWS-KT) is a flexible, cost-efficient, and values-driven partner.

Only in countries where East-West Seed has not yet established a full legal presence and thus operates through distributors, or in cases in which accessing donor funds is a challenge, does EWS-KT establish local non-profit entities. 

Legal Status

  • check_24px Stichting East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation) was registered as a non-profit foundation in May 2016.
  • check_24px EWS-KT’s Netherlands Chamber of Commerce number is 66020166.
  • check_24px EWS-KT has its registered address at Heiligeweg 18, 1601 PN Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.
  • check_24px Since December 2019, EWS-KT has been recognized by the Netherlands Tax Office (Belastingdienst) as a public benefit institution. This status brings tax advantages for charitable donations by Dutch donors.

Annual Reports

EWS-KT is dedicated to the highest standards of financial transparency and conduct. As an ANBI registered non-profit in the Netherlands, we comply with all requirements. We also conduct project-specific audits as requested. Where possible, we leverage administrative and operational resources from East-West Seed Group to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Report 2020

Reporting to Partners

We aim for strong financial, operational, and program management systems and reporting to ensure a responsible organization that meets the highest standards.



A global leadership team guides the strategic direction of EWS-KT. Their diversity of expertise spans business, technology, horticulture, finance, public policy, and international development.


Guiding Policies

EWS-KT has developed financial and ethical policies critical for our work. Employee handbooks, procurement policies, accounting manuals, and other policies and guidelines, are specifically tailored for each country but generally follow the guidelines of East-West Seed Group.


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