Partner with EWS-KT

Increase social impact in low-income communities through sustainable vegetable farming techniques

Why Partner with Us?

  • check_24px Proven experience in strengthening smallholder farmers and markets
  • check_24px Technical expertise that enables farmers to cope with climate change
  • check_24px Data-driven decisions, reliable reporting, and transparent finances
  • check_24px Capacity to scale through local field teams and digital approaches
  • check_24px Private-sector drive to bring innovation to neglected markets
  • check_24px Investment in women and youth to accelerate change
  • check_24px Cost-effective solutions
Why partner with EWSKT

Why Vegetable Farming?

  • check_24px Vegetables are essential sources of micronutrients needed for healthy living and the prevention of chronic diseases.
  • check_24px Vegetables are an opportunity for income development in areas where communities struggle to make ends meet.
  • check_24px The net profit from vegetable farming is significantly higher than from other field crops.
  • check_24px Cultivated on small plots of land with short crop cycles, vegetables mitigate the risks of unpredictable weather and fluctuating markets.

Who Do We Partner With?

We partner with international organisations, private donors, local NGOs, and government institutions.
We look for shared goals:
  • Scaling impact through co-funding and collaboration
  • Catalysing systemic change for farmers and markets
  • Using practical interventions and validated technical knowledge
We look for partners who:
  • Enable upscaling to reach more farmers
  • Leverage our field activities and training materials
  • Support our work through access to funding or through synergies such as nutritional awareness efforts

Some of our partners