training on pest and disease ID, Chapulwa

Our Work in Tanzania

  • Over 65,000 farmers trained since 2019.
  • We currently train smallholder farmers on sustainable vegetable production techniques in the Iringa, Mbeya, Morogoro, and Shinyanga regions.
  • We provide intensive, hands-on training in the field, coupled with radio programs to reach more farmers.
  • See our 2022 impact, or click on the map to explore our farmers’ demonstration farms.
Partner with us to change the lives of smallholder farmers in Tanzania
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Program Highlights

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Learning Farm

Established in 2022, our learning farm showcases best practices for farmers and sector professionals

June radio session

Radio Outreach

Our call-in radio show helps farmers adopt better techniques and identify solutions to common problems

Technical Field Officer Winnie Kessy holds up seed packets during a seedling training for a group of men and women.

Expanding to New Areas

Our recent expansion to Morogoro, Iringa, and Mbeya regions is enabling more farmers to learn improved vegetable production techniques

News & Stories

Hadija Muhidini, seated , at the women's conference in Iringa.

Vegetable Farming as a Path to Economic Empowerment in Tanzania

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A Memorable Field Day in Tanzania

Hamisi Kibasu Mzinga--buyer in Tanzania

Connecting Farmers and Consumers: A Vegetable Dealer’s Story


Training Tanzanian Farmers Through Text Messaging

Paschal Attanas_farmer_Tanzania_Mar 2022

Traveling in Tanzania


A Day in the Life of a Technical Field Officer

The Tanzania Team in Action

Winnie with farmer's leaf pots and seedling trays

Preparing to plant seedlings

Field scouting & diagnosis of insect pests

Scouting for insect pests

radio show

Broadcasting a radio show

EWS-KT staff member training a group of young farmers on fertilizers

Training young farmers on fertilizers

providing support on nursery management sweet pepper

Providing support on nursery management

staff monitoring crop progress in the field

Monitoring crop progress

staff member and farmer harvesting and bagging cucumbers

Harvesting a cucumber crop

installing a signboard

Installing an informational signboard

measuring of bed spacing

Measuring the spacing for raised beds

explaining the importance of a raised nursery bed to farmer

Explaining the importance of a raised nursery

testing soil pH to assess nutrient availability2

Testing soil pH to assess nutrient availability

training on preparing raised beds

Training farmers on creating raised beds

training on trellising

Training farmers on trellising

traininig on preparing a raised nursery

Preparing a raised nursery

seed sowing sweet pepper

Training farmers on seed sowing

Farmers practicing sowing with leaf pots

Creating a seedling nursery with leaf pots

Reports & Resources