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Knowledge transfer has been an integral part of the growth of the vegetable sector in Tanzania with various stakeholders playing their part. East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT) is playing a significant role in this regard. Formed on the backbone of  Team SEVIA (a joint project of East-West Seed, Rijk Zwaan, Wageningen University and the Dutch Government) the current modest team operated in Iringa Region (South West Tanzania) and Kahama (Shinyanga Region in Lakezone: Northwest Tanzania) before focussing on the latter in present times. Given the fact that EWS-KT leverages its resources with like-minded organizations for wider impact,  the knowledge transfer work in Tanzania will definitely expand when partners come on board.

Locations of activities 

  • Shinyanga Region

Team capacities 

  • 5 Employees 

Number of farmers trained since 2015 

  • 52,953

Number of field demonstrations 

  • 789

Track record

  • Click here to see EWS-KT track record in Tanzania

Resources on our activities in Tanzania: