Board of Trustees

A global leadership team guides the strategic direction of East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation. Their diversity of expertise spans business, technology, horticulture, finance, public policy, and international development.

Rutger Groot, Chair

Rutger joined EWS-KT in 2017 as Board Chair. He is also a member of East-West Seed Group’s Supervisory Board and a member of the Netherlands-African Business Council.

Rutger Groot

Joan Boer

Joan has 40 years of experience in development cooperation, including with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Brigit van Dijk – van de Reijt

Brigit has over 20 years of experience in development finance and private-sector development. She also sits on the supervisory boards of IDH Investment Management and the Netherlands-African Business Council.

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Joost Pekelharing

Joost has served as a member of East-West Seed Group’s Supervisory Board since 2015 and is also the Chairman of East-West Seed Indonesia’s Supervisory Board.

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Flip van Koesveld, Advisor

Advisor (non-paid) to the Board of Trustees

A senior Wageningen University & Research expert, Flip is a practical field agronomist and a specialist in tropical vegetable production, with a background in farmer extension, agribusiness, and sector development.

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