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Established in 1999 by East-West Seed Founder Simon N. Groot, East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (KT) has been operating in the Philippines for more than two decades, providing quality horticultural advisory and extension services and enabling the delivery of tailor-made solutions for smallholder farmers.

Focusing on the capacity building of farmers, KT Philippines is offering a wide array of training courses on vegetable production including Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (PhilGAP), natural farming systems, climate-smart agriculture, and integrated pest management through farmers’ field school and short-duration training. Cognizant of the need to profitably manage farm business, the entrepreneurial mindset of smallholder farmers is being enhanced through farm business school.

Aiming for the diversity of farm income, KT Philippines in partnership with other purposeful organizations is intensively promoting crop diversification projects by intercropping/integrating vegetables with rice, coconut, and coffee.

To help farmers expand market access, KT Philippines is piloting vegetable value chain support connecting farmers to buyers like consolidators, concessionaires, and food processors.

At the core of all the community-based interventions, KT Philippines is ensuring the widespread adoption of sustainable farming practices. And in the next five years, KT Philippines is envisioned to better serve around  20,000 farmers per year including youth, women, para-technicians, extension workers, and indigenous people, with an outreach of 200,000 per year through digital learning platforms.

Locations of activities 

  • Nueva Ecija
  • Bukidnon
  • Leyte

Team capacities 

  • 14 Employees 

Number of farmers trained since 2015 

  • 49,924

Number of field demonstrations 

  • 1,186

Track record

  • Click here to see EWS-KT track record in the Philippines