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East-West Seed became Myanmar’s first fully registered international vegetable seed company in 2009. Intensive farmer training programs since 2000 as a core part of its business model. This is implemented through EWS Knowledge Transfer (a non-profit foundation), which started in Myanmar in 2012. To enable wider outreach, we leverage additional resources from its synergic partnerships with Swiss Contact (2014-2016), Advance Consulting and Wageningen University Plant Research and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for capacity building to private, NGO and government extension staff and faculty of State Agricultural Institute ( 2017-2020), Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA, 2017-2020). EWS-KT will apply lessons learned from the FLF model from that project. EWS-KT will also draw from its experience in introducing mung beans to local farmers from its partnership with ICCO Cooperation and DaNa Facility (2017-2020). Further, EWS-KT will leverage existing experience and networks from its partnership with DaNa Facility and Mercy Corps (2018-2020) that focuses on skills building for smallholders and catalyses market development in Rakhine. 

Locations of activities 

  • Naypyitaw
  • Kayin
  • Mon
  • Shan
  • Rakhine

Team capacities

  • 20 Employees 

Number of farmers trained since 2015 

  • 71,413

Number of field demonstrations

  • 3,342

Track record

  • Click here to see EWS-KT track record in Myanmar

Resources on our activities in Myanmar:

Videos on our activities in Myanmar: