Group of female and male farmers holding up onions.

Our Work in Indonesia

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Knowledge transfer activities in Indonesia are implemented and managed by Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera (YBTS), an independently funded and governed foundation affiliated with East-West Seed Indonesia. East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation works closely with YBTS, especially on the production of extension materials, extension methodologies, and data management.

  • In operation since 2009. Nearly 7,800 farmers reached in 2023.
  • We currently train smallholder farmers on sustainable vegetable production techniques in East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua, and West Nusa Tenggara provinces.
  • We provide intensive, hands-on training in the field, with a focus on women and youth. Our youth programs develop young farmers’ life skills along with their agricultural and business skills.
  • See our 2022 results, learn about our projects, or click on the map to explore our farmers’ demonstration farms.
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Current & Recent Projects

Farmers give the thumbs-up sign while standing between two rows of tomatoes and holding a bucket of harvested tomatoes.

Let’s Grow!

Prioritizing sustainable income generation for young people through vegetable farming, along with life skills training

Project Partner: Ganesha Foundation

A female farmer prepares to plant a seedling in a raised bed.

Food Security Program

Increasing vegetable self-sufficiency on Matak Island through home gardening and farm businesses

Project Partner: MedcoEnergi

A male farmer holds a basket of hot peppers in his pepper field.

Agriculture Livelihood Project

Improving farmer livelihoods through knowledge transfer, soil and water conservation, and stakeholder partnerships

Project Partner: William & Lily Foundation

News & Stories

YBTS Extension Manager Edwin Saragih and farmer Marthen Luther stand in a field while holding melons.

Seeds to Success: YBTS and Papuan Youth in Sustainable Agriculture

KWT Suka Maju’s leader, Mama Elin.

The Women Who Nurture Agriculture in Southwest Sumba, Indonesia

A woman and her child hold leafy vegetable in a house above the water.

Growing Vegetables Over the Sea

The Indonesia Team in Action

Group of people listening to YBTS staff member explaining plant nutrition and fertilization.

Holding a training on plant nutrition and fertilization

Group of women and a YBTS staff member prepare to plant seeds in bags filled with soil.

Engaging women through Friday home gardening sessions

Two men identify crop pests by referring to a printing guide.

Practicing identification of crop pests and diseases

Six women stand behind a table holding the vegetable dishes they have made.

Promoting nutrition through a vegetable cooking competition

Three women fill leaf pots with soil.

Establishing a seedling nursery

Young farmers with workbooks listen to a staff member for the Let's Grow project.

Developing new skills in the Let’s Grow project

Four young men connect pieces of an irrigation system. Behind them is a field with young plants.

Installing drip irrigation

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