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First Bangladesh Seed Congress

Posted On: February 15, 2023
Visitors to the EWS-KT booth interact with a staff member
EWS-KT Bangladesh Digital Media Coordinator Farhana Jesmin Momo (left) interacts with visitors at the EWS-KT exhibit booth.

On 11 February 2023, the first Bangladesh Seed Congress opened at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka. East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation Bangladesh participated in the event alongside East-West Seed. 

Thirteen pavilions and 60 exhibit booths hosted various agriculture-related companies and organizations during the 3-day program. Attendees included representatives from the Bangladesh government; delegates from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Seed Federation (ISF), and Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA); scientists from seed companies; and agriculture students.

EWS-KT Bangladesh displayed several vegetable production techniques that benefit farmers in increasing their yield. Miniature models of key technologies, including the EWS-KT improved sorjan technique, were set up at the front of the booth, along with samples of natural input materials that help farmers to improve their production.

Visitors were drawn to the models and engaged in discussion with the EWS-KT Bangladesh team to understand the various services we offer to smallholder vegetable farmers.

Exhibit table showing improved sorjan method and other techniques and agricultural inputs
Small models of EWS-KT techniques are displayed next to samples of natural agricultural input materials.

The Bangladesh Seed Congress was organized by the Bangladesh Seed Association in association with the Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture. The event was covered in a news segment (in Bengali) by Dhaka-based Ekhon TV—watch for glimpses of the joint East-West Seed/EWS-KT booth!