Swaroop Nanu

Swaroop Nanu is the Media and Communications Manager for Farmer Extension at East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation. Based in India, he is responsible for creating a long-term vision for farmer communication through digital and non-digital strategies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Swaroop has honed his skills in creating compelling brand stories and engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. He oversees the implementation of media strategies to reach smallholder farmers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Uganda. Swaroop earned his MBA degree from Bharathidasan Institute of Management, India. Having worked in various corporations, including Godrej and IBM, he has solid knowledge of communications tools and platforms for improving digital and non-digital reach. Swaroop’s passion for communication and knack for creative problem-solving makes him an invaluable asset to enhance communication with farmers.

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