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Smart Farming, Healthy Food

Project Summary

Smart Farming, Healthy Food: Developing Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Smallholder Vegetable Production and Supply Systems in the Barisal and Chittagong Districts of Bangladesh

Bangladesh | 2020–2025

Context and Project Objective

Changing weather patterns pose increasing levels of risks for smallholder farmers, who are finding that traditional vegetable-based cropping systems are no longer viable under current climatic conditions. Moreover, poor agricultural input and vegetable market integration, the absence of farmer groups, and logistical challenges make farmers extremely vulnerable to market risks. 

The Smart Farming, Healthy Food project will contribute to the development of sustainable and climate-resilient smallholder vegetable-based cropping systems in the Barisal and Chittagong divisions. Objectives include the promotion of climate-resilient and sustainable production practices, improved access to input and output markets for smallholder farmers, and operationalization of a climate-smart Bangladesh Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) curriculum.

Expected Outcomes

  • 25,000 smallholder farmers (65% women) trained and supported, resulting in increased productivity and income
  • 15,375 hectares of farmland brought under sustainable production practices
  • 100 youth entrepreneurs (50% women) with increased farming and marketing capacity, resulting in improved income
  • An institutionalized climate-smart Bangladesh GAP curriculum 

EWS-KT Partners

Funding partners: SDG Partnership Facility, a grant program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed by RVO

Implementing partners: Solidaridad Netherlands (lead partner); Solidaridad Network Asia Limited; Department of Agricultural Extension

Project Period 

1 May 2020 – 30 April 2025


Bangladesh: Barisal and Chittagong divisions

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Smart Farming, Healthy Food

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