Awareness of Natural Farming System in Vegetable Production

Project Summary

Awareness of Natural Farming System in Vegetable Production

Myanmar | 2021–2022

Context and Project Objective

More than any other crop, vegetables bring abundant economic and social benefits. They are the best resource for overcoming micronutrient deficiencies, they provide smallholder farmers with higher incomes, and they create more jobs per hectare than staple crops. However, the poor performance of many smallholder farmers is a major bottleneck for growth of the vegetable sector and can largely be attributed to the exceptionally limited access to both technical knowledge and high-quality seed bred for specific markets and agronomic conditions.

The Awareness of Natural Farming System in Vegetable Production project aims to improve the productivity and livelihoods of smallholder farmers involved in vegetable production in southeastern Myanmar, while introducing natural farming techniques and simultaneously catalyzing market development. It addresses market constraints through the introduction of a community-led, market-driven model that will apply improved vegetable farming practices and lay the foundation for farm-to-market connections, development of local farm clusters, and integration of farming groups into inclusive vegetable value chains. The project will also focus on engaging women through gender-aware approaches that provide opportunities for women’s meaningful participation in training and capacity building.

Expected Outcomes 

  • 3,790 farmers from 50 villages with greater knowledge and capacity, resulting in improved productivity and income 
  • Improved and equitable access to markets, particularly for marginalised farmers and communities
  • Continuity of the private-sector investment and services beyond the life of the project

EWS-KT Partners

Funding partner: Consortium led by Pact that includes Mercy Corps, Save the Children International, and Community Partners International

Project Period

9 March 2021 – 31 August 2022


Myanmar: Mon, Shan, and Kayin states

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