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Food Security Program

Project Summary

Food Security Program: Improving Agricultural Livelihoods through a Pragmatic Approach in Anambas Islands Regency

Indonesia | 2021–2024

All Indonesia projects are managed by EWS-KT’s sister organization, Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera (YBTS).


Context and Project Objective

Farmer groups on Matak Island have not been exposed to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) or appropriate technology in farming, and they lack the skills to engage in agricultural entrepreneurship. High youth unemployment is another local challenge. In addition, there is company waste on the island, such as mineral water bottles and pallets, that can be repurposed for agricultural use. 

The goal of the Food Security Program is to improve vegetable self-sufficiency on Matak Island through an integrated approach that includes knowledge transfer, partnership with the local government, and monitoring and evaluation to train farmers in implementing GAP. Through this project, farmers will be able to enhance their productivity, obtain more income from agriculture, understand production processes, utilize plastic waste and pallets in farming, and manage a sustainable farming business. 

Vocational high school students and other young people are one focus of the project; giving youth the knowledge they need to begin a career in farming will provide them with a source of income, reduce unemployment, and improve family and community nutrition. The project will start with training on home gardening, as a quick win for communities, before progressing to the training of farmers and the establishment of demonstration plots.


  • 300 farmers trained in Good Agricultural Practices
  • Farmer groups emerging as entrepreneurs in the vegetable field
  • Farmer groups and new individual farmers able to replicate demonstration plots
  • Increased youth productivity in vegetable farming, reduced youth unemployment, and young people able to manage their own sustainable business
  • Increased local vegetable production

YBTS Partners

Funding partner: MedcoEnergi

Local partners: Local community; PKK women’s group; youth; vocational high school students

Project Period

7 December 2021 – 6 December 2023; extended to March 2024


Indonesia: Matak Island (Anambas Islands regency, Riau Islands province)


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