Catalysing Market Development for Women and Youth

Project Summary

Catalysing Market Development for Women and Youth Smallholder Farmers in Cambodia

Cambodia | 2021–2023

Context and Project Objective

While all segments of society can bring value to the market, smallholder farmers from low-income communities are often left out of the vegetable value chain. Lack of access to quality agricultural inputs and improved growing techniques limits their crop yields, and inadequate market connections limit their income. However, with smaller plots of land and a need for quicker and more regular return, low-income communities are well positioned to develop vibrant vegetable sectors. 

The Catalysing Market Development for Women and Youth Smallholder Farmers in Cambodia project targets this neglected segment of the population to bring them formally into the market, thereby enabling low-income people to be actively involved in rural economic development. The project seeks to leverage private resources (East-West Seed’s capacity and financial support) and match it with public funding (Innovations Against Poverty) to develop a vibrant and sustainable vegetable market, resulting in higher yields and income for farmers and greater availability and a wider range of better quality and safe-to-eat vegetables all year round for consumers. The project will put farmers on a path of change, as yields and incomes are expected to continue to increase even after project implementation ends, and will catalyse development of a healthy agro-input market by employing a female lead farmer and youth approach.

Expected Outcomes 

  • 14,400 farmers trained and provided horticultural and technical advice, resulting in an average 18% yield increase (yield increase will be higher with key farmers [doubling yields] and lowest with farmers benefiting from advice on social media or from agricultural-input dealers [5%]) 
  • The same 14,400 farmers benefiting (on average) from a US$61 increase in net income for vegetables; this will increase to US$136 by year 5
  • An additional US$878,393 in total annual net income generated at the farm gate level, on average; this will increase to US$2,428,619 by year 5
  • 278,378 consumers potentially doubling their daily per capita intake of vegetables (and fruit) year-round; up from current per capita vegetable consumption of 114g 
  • A wider range of better-quality and safe-to-eat vegetables available year-round. 

EWS-KT Partners

Funding partner: Innovations Against Poverty (IAP), a grant programme of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and managed by SNV in partnership with BoP Innovation Center and Inclusive Business Sweden

Implementing partner: Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV)

Project Period

1 April 2021 – 31 May 2023


Cambodia: Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, Kampong Speu, and Takeo provinces