Farmer Feedback


Reducing Malnutrition with Green Leafy Vegetables

“We no longer have to buy vegetables for home consumption from the market; we just go to the garden and harvest. This saves us money.”

Nusaibah and her grandmother kneel next to their plants in mulched beds.

Nusaibah and Her Grandmother: Planting Together

19-year-old Nusaibah is teaching her 75-year-old grandmother new growing techniques like organic mulching.


Tomato Harvest Success Using Climate-Smart Agriculture

In previous years, Khom’s tomato crop failed. After a successful harvest, she is planning to increase production.

Mohammed Ussani Ladan in his onion field

From Growing Cereal Crops to Producing Tomatoes

Mohammed is well known in his community as the largest grower of cereal crops, but now he is expanding to include vegetable production.


Seedling Houses to Reduce Seedling Loss

“I moved my seedling production to an improved nursery, using leaf pots and seedling houses. Since then, I have never had any loss associated with seedling production.”

four men in field, measuring land, garden, planting

Setting the Stage for a Successful Harvest with Production Planning

“I now know that you first have to consider the field measurements, which guide you to approximate the plant population.”


Grafting Tomatoes for a Strong Harvest

Recognizing Chhean’s increased knowledge of plant grafting and cultivation, her neighbors visit her farm to ask her for vegetable-growing advice.

Change for innovation techniques

Innovative Techniques for Change

Sarin now has a wealth of knowledge in land preparation, mulching, trellising, water management, plant nutrition, and integrated pest and disease management.