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[Press Release] East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation Publishes 2021 Annual Report

Posted On: June 13, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our 2021 annual report

Despite the continued challenges of COVID-19, 2021 marked an encouraging start to our new 5-year strategy. Through the dedication of our teams and partners, we reached more than 117,500 farmers with practical field-based training on sustainable and profitable vegetable production. With women making up a third of the farmers we trained, we are confident that the knowledge we bring will spread deep into these communities. 

To intensify knowledge and connectivity in areas where we work, as well as to reach farmers where we have no physical presence, we put more resources towards digital outreach, radio, and text messaging in 2021, reaching 5 million farmers. We also added new instructional videos, technical guides, and learning tools to our resource base of extension materials, available on our technical platform, GrowHow

As part of our effort to transparently share our results, we launched a new dashboard where stakeholders can access farm records and cost/return data of different crops over different seasons. We hope this contributes to further strengthening the business case for growing vegetables for smallholder farmers in less developed markets.

We are tremendously proud of our teams and their capacity to drive significant change in communities where farmers struggle with low yields and poor connectivity to their markets. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our partners for the support they bring to the farming communities and markets where we work. 

To reach our goal of impacting the livelihoods of 1 million farmers by 2025, we are actively seeking more synergies and partnerships that will enable us to accelerate our outreach and deepen our impact. To find out more about our work in 2021 and our plans for the future, please read our 2021 annual report.