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Crop Show Provides Outreach Opportunity in Bangladesh

Posted On: November 28, 2023
Surrounded by visitors, an EWS-KT staff member holds a seedling in a leaf pot,
EWS-KT staff explain seedling production techniques at the Crop Show. (Attendees all received green East-West Seed shirts.)

BOGRA, BANGLADESH – On 12 November, the EWS-KT Bangladesh team had the opportunity to present their activities at the grand Crop Show organized by East-West Seed Bangladesh. Held at East-West Seed’s Trial & Development Farm in Bogra, the event displayed 100 varieties of 26 crops, all at the harvesting stage. 

More than 250 people, including farmers, agro-input dealers, vegetable retailers, and agripreneurs, attended the program. Participants were impressed with the innovative, climate-smart East-West Seed varieties and excited to start cultivating them.

Demonstrating how to achieve a successful and profitable harvest with these high-quality seeds was East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation’s role at the event. The EWS-KT team showed a wide variety of sustainable horticultural methods, starting with germination practices such as seedling nurseries, seedling media ratios, and leaf roll pots.

EWS-KT staff explained the benefits of raised beds, the zigzag planting method, proper plant-to-plant distance, organic and plastic mulch, and high trellising to support plant growth. Pest and disease management techniques such as pruning and the use of pheromone traps and yellow sticky traps were also shown.

For attendees interested in producing their own soil nutrients, there was even a vermicompost setup.

The EWS-KT team also presented advancements in the sorjan technique, which is the traditional cultivation system in the southern part of Bangladesh, where waterlogged soil can be a big problem.

Taking part in events like this enables EWS-KT to share improved horticultural methods with a large group of people. It is also a chance to introduce participants to our in-person services and our online resources for implementing the exhibited techniques.

A man uses his phone to take a photo of the EWS-KT poster.
A Crop Show visitor uses his phone to take a photo of an EWS-KT poster.