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Congratulations, East-West Seed!

Posted On: October 6, 2022
East-West Seed’s 40th-anniversary book. Download your copy now!

Congratulations to our parent organization, East-West Seed, on their 40th anniversary!

East-West Seed 40th anniversary logo

Forty years ago today, East-West Seed was founded by Simon N. Groot to develop quality seeds specifically for use in tropical climates. The first research and breeding program was established in the Philippines in 1982.

Since then, East-West Seed has expanded across Asia and to Africa and Latin America. They now serve 23 million farmers in 70 countries with 973 improved varieties of 60 vegetable crops.

Guiding farmers on agricultural techniques has been a part of East-West Seed since the beginning. In 2016, East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation was registered as a separate legal entity to focus solely on training smallholder farmers.

In honor of their 40th anniversary, East-West Seed has published a new book, 40 Farmers, 40 Years of East-West Seed, and has created four short videos celebrating the farmers who are at the heart of their work.

Download your free copy of the book today and enjoy inspiring stories of women farmers, find out more about the young farmers who are carrying on the legacy of feeding the world, read about farmer heroes, and explore uplifting stories of new farmers.

Women Farmers

Empowering women farmers will help hundreds of millions fight hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Yet women farmers face numerous challenges, both as smallholder farmers and as women. It is only through closing the gender gap that we can unlock the power of global food systems.

Young Farmers

Young people’s role in agriculture is more than filling the boots of the current generation of farmers. They are essential for growing and strengthening our food systems, feeding and nourishing communities, and providing gainful employment opportunities.

Longtime Farmers

As East-West Seed celebrates their 40th, they also celebrate all the farmers throughout the years who have made this anniversary possible. Over the last four decades, East-West Seed has expanded across Asia and to Africa and Latin America to help more smallholder farmers improve their yield and income—and their lives.

At East-West Seed, and here at East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation, we are truly grateful for smallholder farmers’ passion, hard work, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial spirit.

New Farmers

New farmers are just discovering the power of quality seeds and improved agricultural techniques. They are the future of food security and are key to averting a global hunger crisis.

Together, we can feed the world and grow our support for healthy farmers, food, and people—for the next 40 years and beyond.