Board of Trustees and Advisors

A global leadership team guides the strategic direction of East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation. Their diversity of expertise spans business, technology, horticulture, finance, public policy, and international development.

Rutger Groot

Rutger joined EWS-KT in 2017 as Board Chair. He is also a member of East-West Seed Group’s Supervisory Board and a member of the Netherlands-African Business Council.

Rutger Groot

Joan Boer

Joan has 40 years of experience in development cooperation, including with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Brigit van Dijk van de Reijt

Brigit has over 20 years of experience in development finance and private-sector development.  She sits on the supervisory boards of IDH Investment Management and the Netherlands-African Business Council.

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Joost Pekelharing

Joost has served as a member of East-West Seed Group’s Supervisory Board since 2015 and is also the Chairman of East-West Seed Indonesia’s Supervisory Board.

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Flip van Koesveld

Advisor (non-paid) to the Board of Trustees

A senior Wageningen University & Research expert, Flip is a practical field agronomist and a specialist in tropical vegetable production, with a background in farmer extension, agribusiness, and sector development.

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